RainDial Home Irritrol RD-600, 900, 1200, RD-600-R, RD-900-R, RD-1200-R Repair

Rain Dial Sprinkler Timer Repair – “The Doctor is in.” – Proud to serve our customers since 2010

We repair Rain Dial sprinkler timers/controllers: Irritrol Rain Dial Series RD-600, RD-900, RD-1200, and we’re the first and only site offering repair of the -R models (RD-600-R, RD-900-R, RD-1200-R) irrigation controllers.  We prefer to give you your original equipment back instead of doing an exchange.

Want your Rain Dial Repaired?

  1. Take ~15 seconds to remove the controller (the part with the dial and battery)
  2. Mail it to or drop it off at our location in North Phoenix/Glendale (click for directions). (Please use the contact us page to describe the model and problem before sending it.  In some cases, we may need the back connector board too.)
    1. Include your phone number or email address, we’ll pay return postage
  3. We’ll repair it same or next day and contact you.
  4. Pay after we fix it with paypal, credit, (or personal check if sent with with unit)
    1. Cost is usually $35-$45 for an RD-600
  5. We’ll send it back (usually within a day or two)
    That’s all there is to it.

Note: We replace internal electronic components only, so as long as the controller is in reasonable condition and has an undamaged LCD display, it should be repairable.

Send an email with the model number and problem description by using the Contact Us Link; we usually respond the same day and your email is kept private.

Common problems we solve:

  • Buzzing, chattering, or non-working valves
  • Erratic or flashing displays
  • It turns off immediately after you turn it on.
  • Intermittent watering behavior
  • Shorter than expected battery life

What we do – The Repair Process?

  1. Many of units are mailed to or dropped off at our location in North Phoenix/Glendale and picked up the next day
  2. Repair time is typically 1-2 days, same day with prior arrangements.
  3. The replacement parts have better ratings than in the original
  4. The work and parts replaced are guaranteed for 12 months+
  5. You’ll only pay if we can fix it.
  6. We have years of experience in the electronics and computer industry.
  7. In some cases, the backboard is needed for repair depending on the symptoms, contact us for more information.

What we do not do:

  1. We are not a landscaping or sprinkler/sprinkler system installation company; we only do electronic repair
  2. We don’t replace or fully refurbish units — we repair circuitry in your existing timer and return it.
  3. We can not repair or replace the LCD screens or replace labels or dials.
  4. We are not affiliated in any way with the Irritrol Rain Dial company.
Considering a used or other replacement timer?  Repairing makes more sense:
  • The Rain Dial timers are great, they’re easy to program and use and the screen is big enough to see easily.
  • Removing the controller for repair and re-installing afterwards only takes a few minutes and can be done by anyone at any skill level.
  • Older rain dial timers will likely have the same failing parts found in the one your’re replacing.
  • Filling the landfills with timers that could be repaired just doesn’t make sense.

Helpful Troubleshooting Tips and instructions:

If you need manuals for the various types, you can find them on the Irritrol website.

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15 thoughts on “RainDial Home Irritrol RD-600, 900, 1200, RD-600-R, RD-900-R, RD-1200-R Repair

  1. Have a RD 900, None of the valves are picking fully. jumpered the wire to the 24vac and coils pick. however if i go to the terminals of the activated coil, the voltage is extreamly low and fluctuates.

    Any suggestions on possible causes, and would it be possible to get a schematic of the controls? I’m assuming the coils are activated by drivers in that swing panel? Or is there a relay that may have a bad contact.



    PS. Live out in San Francisco Bay area.

    • Hi Mike,
      The problem you’re experiencing is exactly the problem I typically fix. yes, they’re activated by drivers in the “swing panel”.

      If you’d like me to fix it, let me know. I’ll turn it around in a day and get it back in the mail to you. Just let me know.


  2. Hi
    I have a iridol rain dial 1200. It was working fine until I shut it down a few week ago because of all the rain we were getting in New England. I went to start it up again and none of the valves are going on. The tranformer is good, getting 24+ with the volt meter. When I manually turn on one station (ie#3) and hold the volt meter to the VC and the #3 station, I get the 24 volt reading. The strange thing is that all the stations are reading 24v at the same time. Is this normal or is it the controller that need repair or replacement?
    Thanks PETER

    • Hi Peter,

      Sometimes the meter can be misleading (especially a sensitive volt meter) because of “leakage” currents between components, the board itself etc. AC voltage can cross protection devices that may be on the board. However, these paths are not capable of passing any significant current so the valves will not turn on. There’s also a path through the solenoid to VC.

      0) I have not been able to measure voltage between VC and the Valve terminal; make sure you’re measuring to VC and not the 24VAC.
      1) I can usually measure voltage between a valve terminal and “one of the transformer inputs”, but not both, and not VC.
      2) I can usually measure voltage between VC and “one of the transformer inputs” but not both.

      1) Confusing readings can occur when the fuse is blown or not connected well. Check this fuse by removing it, examining it and if possible, checking it with an ohm meter.
      2) Check that the wire going to the VC screw terminal is good.
      3) Re-measure the voltage in the back of the housing after removing the ribbon cable to the controller and see if that changes what you’re seeing. This removes the controller from question.

      Finally, you can always check the valve and transformer by removing the valve wire and touching it to the other 24VAC terminal (the one furthest from VC/COM). This should make the valve turn on)

      If this helps, let me know.

  3. Have a RainDail Irritrol RD-1200. Texted everything and all stations work, so must be the timer. Above says you fix these systems. Please advise

    • Just fill out the Contact Us Page, there’s a link at the top of the page. Leave your model number and a description of the problem and we’ll get it figured out. Thanks!

  4. Anyone know how to get in touch with these repair people. Tried the contact us link and got a reply that it was not being monitored.

    • Sorry about that Roy, I’m glad you let me know. I fixed the contact page, it should be working now.

  5. RD900 and it is working intermittently. I have tested the transformer with my volt meter and it test fine. I can set the control unit for any of the programed stations and activate it and some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t. At first I thought it was the ground but after checking it several times i have ruled that out but i noticed if i pushed or pulled on the upper terminal bar it would sometimes activate momentarily. I’m thinking there is an issue with the circuit board. let me know what you think.

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for calling. We walked through several wiring scenarios on the phone, and determined the wiring to the valves looks good. We determined that when we remove the battery, the timer dies until you press on the back circuit board… With all the other checks done, I think the back board is bad, and or a combination of that and the ribbon cable connection into the timer. Best thing to do now is to bring it by.

  6. Hi my question is about the timer model number RD-1200, the timer was working fine last week, due to the rain one of my employees turned the timer off to the irrigation when i went back to turn it on i noticed that the ribbon from the circuit board to the timer interface had a pinch in the ribbon about halfway through it, now the timer is displaying “FUS” on stations 1-12 and will no longer work automatically or manually could that pinch have caused this problem? or is there another reason why this has happened because i really doubt that all the stations have short circuited all at once. thank you.

    • Hi Anthony, good question. You should be able to clear the FUS fault by following the directions on this page: http://www.raindialdoctor.com/category/qa/

      Pinching the ribbon cable could have caused a shorting problem, but it’s not too likely. I’d inspect the ribbon cable carefully, looking for any area where the insulation was stripped off, potentially allowing adjacent wires to short. Also check the connection to the the backpanel to make sure it’s in good condition and none of the pins in that connection are bent over, touching each other. If it was pinched badly, I’m hoping you can just smooth out the pinched section and inspect it.

      Then, follow the link above and with some luck, you’ll be up and running again. Let me know how it goes.

      • I inspected the ribbon cable yesterday as i looked at it closely i can see the the wires on the ribbon the pinch broke through the insulation and exposed the wires i think that those wires are now touching and are causing my problem , ill go ahead and try clearing the FUS display hopefully this will resolve my issue if not ill probably be looking for a ribbon cable if thats not interchangeable then ill just purchase another timer thank you for your response and for the help it is greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi Brian
    We have 2 RD 600s. Both seem to be “stuck” on a 3-day per week schedule. We have reprogrammed several times, but the new program does not “take”. They continue to water 3 days per week. Have tried restarting them and replacing batteries.

    Is this something you can fix?


    • Hi John, thanks for asking. That’s odd for both of them to be behaving the same way all of a sudden. My first thought is that they’re not actually getting programmed correctly, or that the slide switch is not making good connection when in the center “program” position. However, since they’re both doing this, it’s unlikely that both switches would have failed at the same time. If you create conflicting programming, that could cause problems too. Here’s some questions and suggestions:
      Question 1): based on the picture at the top of the page, do you have the “more gray” or “more blue” controller
      Suggestion 2): Try unprogramming the timer before re-programming it. E..g, Set the upper left slide switch to A, lower center switch to program (middle position) and then walk the dial through all the valve numbers, changing each one to 0 (zero) minutes. Set all the start times to blank or off by running them to just before or after midnight where no time is shown. Repeat this for Schedule B and C until there is nothing programmed.
      Now set the bottom switch to Run and hit the semi-auto button and see if anything comes on. (nothing should) Repeat this for each schedule A, B and C.
      Assuming nothing comes on, now try to re-program another setting. Let me know how it goes…

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