Buy – RD-600 UPGRADE to RD-600-R (module only)

Purchase this Irritrol RD-600 module upgrade - RD-600-R

If you have an older Gray RD600/RD-600 that's having problems, this is an incredible deal while we purge stock.

You're purchasing a newer RD-600-R model with an adapter to use in your existing RD600 chassis and terminal board.   It has all the new features that go along with it and you won't have to re-wire or install anything.

Best features of the RD-600-R Upgrade

  1. The programming is stored permanently; it remains even if the battery dies.
  2. Rain-delay feature - if it's raining, you can tell it to stop watering for the number of days you specify and then it will automatically start again.
  3. There are endless others - see the user manual for more details.

How long will it take to install the RD-600 upgrade?

This will take you literally 15 seconds to unplug the old module and install the new one.

Details of purchase

This is a new or refurbished and guaranteed RD-600 -R module (you'll use your existing back connector/terminal board).  It contains an adapter connector allowing it to fit an older RD-600 system.

When not to buy?

If you already have an RD-600-R module, do not buy this one. Contact us instead.

RD600 recycling program

We ask that you send your old RD600 module to us after you receive the new one.  This is an important part of our business model since we do not manufacture new equipment.

Secure payments are made using PayPal which also accepts all major credit cards; and your contact information is kept private.

  1. Ship time: Typically 2 days..

This module purchase replaces the Irritrol RD600 module. It contains an adapter cable that allows it to be connected into your existing RD600 system. You get all the new features in the RD-600-R module without having to upgrade everything. It's the perfect way to replace your RD-600 and nearly the same price as repairing or exchanging it.

Old Price: $70.00

Price: $68.00

You save: $2.00

Shipping: $7.00

This product has sold out.

8 thoughts on “Buy – RD-600 UPGRADE to RD-600-R (module only)

  1. I have a Rain Dial RD600-EXT, there is no 9V battery connected, never has been. For the past few months the display has been “fritzing”. It flashes between, the time, OFF, and the number of seconds the first valve is set for. It will run if I push on the face until the time remains steady, but that has gotten harder to do, it reverts too soon to the flashing. I think I need to order the module that upgrades to the RD600-R, but would like your opinion before I pay the money. Calling is fine, or email. Thanks

    • Hi Julia,

      It’s always worth trying a repair first – I can tell right away if it’s going to be worth it or if replacing is the better or only option. Sometimes they’re in very good condition and repairing makes more sense.

      I’ll drop you an email separately. (I removed your phone number from the post…)
      Brian – aka – the rainDial doctor for Irritrol RD-600, RD900, RD1200 series Rain Dial controllers.

  2. rd600ext water company thinks timer is operating at other times not programmed. Cab this unit turn on and water at times not programmed? Using a lot of water and in middle of night.

    • I Bow,

      Usually when things are coming on when they’re not supposed to, it’s a programming problem. The best way to tell is to “catch” it when it’s on. Notice if the display shows the valve number that’s running. If it does, then it’s likely a programming issue. Note that when the units get reset, they default to watering every day at 7am, every valve for 10 minutes. If the time is messed up, that can make them appear to turn on when it thinks it’s 7am, but when it may be in reality 3am or something else. I have seen cases where water pressure changes can cause “weak” valves to turn on a bit, but that’s pretty rare.

      I’d suggest doing a full factory reset – follow the DIY page instructions and the fully reprogram it. If it’s not maintaining your programming, send it in for repair.

      Let me know if this helps or not; good luck.
      Brian – aka the Irritrol Rain Dial RD600 series “doctor”

  3. I have an old “Hardie” gray colored, RD-600 controller with the LCD
    display nearly all black and hard to read. Probably 15 yrs old.
    Can I replace it with the RD-600-R blue controller (and adapter)?
    The old one still functions, but over the years it has acted up a couple of times.
    I doubt you’d want the old one.

    • Hi David,

      Believe it or not, I repair them as old as 1992-3, so it’s not as old as you think 🙂
      You have options – in order of increasing cost.
      1) send it for repair – I can asses it and if it doesn’t seem like a good candidate for repair, we can fall back to one of the other options
      2) purchase the rd600-R upgrade (module only) – this simply replaces the one you have and plugs into your existing system
      3) purchase the 600-R and back board –

      I’d suggest you do #1 and send it in; then we can fall back on the others. I am turning the repairs around in a day right now and send them back with 2 day priority mail, so pretty fast. You can always turn on the valves manually at the valve if you need to water.

      Since it’s a little on the old side, I’d send both the module (dial/lcd) and the back terminal board so I can give everything a full checkout. There’s removal instructions with two videos, one for each, on my website.

      If you have other questions, let me know,
      Brian – aka – the raindial doctor for irritrol irrigation rd600 series controllers

  4. I’m purchasing the RD-600 to RD-600R module upgrade, and will send in my confused RD-600 when the upgrade arrives. My old (1998) RD-600 chassis and terminal board does not have a labeled ground terminal like the pictures I’ve seen online. Can you point out where it is so I can ground it? Thanks!

    • Hi Cody,

      The ground is connected to VC or VCOM on some boards. If you don’t have a ground, you can use it as ground instead. Honestly, most people don’t ever connect the ground, although it’s the proper way to do things.
      I’ll be back in town tomorrow and get your order placed then.
      Brian – aka the Irritrol RainDial RD600 series doctor.

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