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1) the date code (located under the battery),
2) the model number shown on the face of the controller (usually below and to the left of the dial, e.g., RD-600 or RD-600-R).
3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

645 thoughts on “Ask your questions here – (They will appear shortly)

  1. All station work ok but one will not work but if I turn the value with a screw driver it comes on can you help me
    H Cox

    • Try switching the wire for the bad valve on the back terminal board with one that works. If the problem follows the suspect valve then it’s a wiring or solenoid or valve problem . When u say it doesn’t work, does the timer shut off or does it appear to be turning on the valve?

    • Hi Garland,

      That’s usually caused by one of three things:
      1) either a wiring issue,
      2) a ‘weak’ valve, meaning that the diaphragm inside one of the valves is starting to fail and a pressure change due to another valve turning on causes the ‘weak’ valve to turn on.
      3) a programming issue. If you see both valve numbers appear on the top of the display at the same time, then the timer is doing it and you have it incorrectly programmed (probably unintentionally). Look for overlapping schedules (ABC) that have the same startimes, or if you have one sequence of valves running that overlaps another sequence.

      Please post back and let me know what you find out.
      Brian – aka the RainDial RD600 series ‘doctor’

  2. My weather matic Rd 600 has been acting erratic. I have ordered new solenoids S20P to replace M24E. Will that renew my system

    • I’m not familiar with the weathermatic products, but solenoids usually do not cause intermittent problems. They usually fail completely.

      Sort I can’t help more.

  3. I have Rain Dial RD600-EXT, serial no. 501358. I’ve lost all power. Nothing comes on. I’ve checked the battery and fuse. What can I do further to solve the problem?

    • Hi Carol,

      You should first try to determine if your transformer is working. See the DIY page for a link on how to test it. Also, if you haven’t done so already, do a factory reset before doing anything else.

      If the transformer is good, send the timer and backboard in for repair. If you suspect it is bad, let me know and we can discuss options.

      Thanks for posting

  4. My controller defaults to program A and 10 minutes each station each day. This occurs randomly but every few weeks. Is my transformer failing or do I have a more serious problem? I have 3 other controllers on the same circuit and they are not showing any issues with the power supply. Any ideas or suggestions?
    Thank you

    • Hi Steve,
      That problem sounds familiar. I believe your transformer is just fine but you should send the timer in the back terminal board in for repair. I’ll drop you a separate email with details


  5. Rain Dial RD600, appeared to be dead no lights nothing. Changed the battery, the display is showing but will not go on in semi auto or manual mode

    • Hi Val,

      The first thing to check is if the transformer is working or not. There’s a section for testing it on my DIY page. Take a look there and let me know if you think the transformer is good, or if you’re not sure after doing the checks on that page.

      If the transformer is good, just send it in for repair and we’ll get it back to you quickly.

      Let me know what you find out either way,

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