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3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

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  1. Brian, my RD-600 seems to run each night at 6 PM for 2 minutes on all valves(4).
    It’s programmed to start at 5 AM. It goes on as scheduled and then goes on at 6 PM. Kind of maddening because there is no program to off at 6 PM. You fixed this RD-600 about 3 or 4 years ago when it had another issue and did a great job, Think it needs to be repaired? Thanks

    • Hi Ken,

      I’d go through the reset procedure on the DIY page and reprogram it. That’ll likely solve the problem. If not, let me know.


  2. Hello Brian, I appreciate your help. My RD-600-R has been reprogrammed and appears to have accepted all inputs according to readouts. Clock also keeps time. However, it does not operate valves. Also will not come on for semi-auto OR manual functions. I am able to jumper power to terminals and activate valves one by one. Thank you

    • Hi Michael,
      It sounds like you’ve done a good job troubleshooting, we know that the transformer is working. That is a very common problem that I repair often. Please send it in for repair – I will send an email to you with repair information.

      Brian – The RainDial Doctor

    • Hi Crystal,

      I’m not quite sure what your asking, but am sure the programming video on this site should help. If you have a specific question after watching it, let me know.


  3. Have 1200 model Hardie Raindial. local power went out and unit went into safe mode. After power back on unit wont let me reprogram zones, times, time of day etc.
    Have replaced battery – how do I reset?

    • Hi Gary,
      Look at the DIY Troubleshooting page, it’ll tell you reset instructions based on the model you have.


    • Hi Stephanie,

      Use the contact form to email me with our phone number. we’ll go through some troubleshooting to narrow down the problem a bit more; include the model number on the lower left corner of the timer.


  4. I have both a RD600 and a 1200. for the past several months each of them have been going through their backup batteries. batteries are fresh and there have been no power outages. I’m getting about 27 volts out of the transformers and each connected zone has about 53 ohms of resistance from the solenoids.

    I also notice that if i disconnect the backup battery(or have a dead one connected) i can’t run the manual cycles. It will just reset and the screen will flash until i replace the battery. The programmed cycles will run. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Brian,
      That’s a typical failed timer scenario, just send it in for repair and we’ll get it working like new. All you need to know is on the web site, but feel free to use the contact-us form to reach me and get more info if you need it.
      Brian – aka the RainDialDoctor for RD600 timer series

  5. I have an irratrol controller. I only use the manual feature since rain is so on and off in this area. Problem is when I set it to manual, zone 1 stays on when other zones are on. But only certain zones. No shorts in the wiring from what I can tell. Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi John,

      If you see both valve numbers on the top row of the LCD screen at the same time, it’s a programming problem. I’d suggest doing a factory reset – see my DIY page for more info.

      If you only see one number, but two valves are on, it’s usually a wiring or valve problem. Try disconnecting the valve wire at the valve and see if it still comes on. If it does, you know it’s a valve problem and not an electrical wiring or timer problem.

      Let me know if that helps or not,
      Brian – aka the rd600 rainDialDoctor

  6. My black wire came out of the 9V battery black pad . Obviously the connection is broken to the battery . If I find a new connector for the battery do I need to unplug controller from electric outlet. Or is the wire battery replacement low volt so I don’t have to unplug main source plug from electric wall outlet. I just don’t want to reset but do not want to be shocked if I just add some new wires to broken 9V battery attachment pad. Splice and use electric tape is what I am thinking.

    • Hi Linda,

      I repair those often, consider mailing it to me or bringing it by my location in Phoenix.
      To answer your question, no, you don’t need to unplug it from the outlet. The battery is low voltage. Your splice with electrical tape should work fine.

      Brian – aka the rainDialDoctor for RD900, RD1200 and RD600 timers.

  7. I have an RD1200-R 8/11/11 (blue). Am getting no 24V to sta. 3 on the board. All other stations are fine.

    TIA for any help you can provide

    • Hi Gary,

      That’s a typical problem I repair often. Just send it in for repair. Right now I’m turning them around in a day. If you have other questions, just use the contact-us form to email me.

  8. I have an RD900 s/n 122204. When I go to set the date, it does not show abbreviation only numbers 01 thru 04. How do I set the date?

    • Hi Greg,
      I think you have the timer in skip days mode. Set the dial on “Skip Days” and the bottom switch to “Set Programs” and press the minus button until it says “OFF”. This will turn off skip days mode and you will be able to set the day of the week when you put the dial to “Today”.

      Brian the RainDial Doctor

  9. Hello, I have RD – 900 system (that what it shows next to the “Semi Auto” button). My problem is that neither semi-automatic or manual will work. I set the amount of time & press the manual on button. The minutes flash & then shows a flashing “Off” after I press the on button (semi-automatic). When I put dial “C” back to current time. The current time flashes. The same thing happens when I try to run a Single Manual Valve. What are your suggestions for fixing? Thank you

    • Hi Elisa,
      Thanks for the question. Those are the exact symptoms of a problem I repair frequently. Here is a link on how to send it in for repair. You do not need to send the back connector board, just the timer.

      Brian – aka RD600 RainDial Doctor

  10. I have a new ESP-ME RAINBIRD . After I fill in all the options
    I then turn to “AUTO RUN” and it does not respond (i.e. turn on
    automatically on the days , times, area that I selected.
    Please advise some trouble shooting directions for “auto run”.
    Thanks, Jim

    • hi Jim,

      I only work on the RainDial series of timers like the RD600, RD900 and RD1200. I’ll let others who read this forum to post an answer if they have some experience with it.

      I’d like to help, but I just don’t have one to experiment with,

  11. My Hardie TC-9B LED panel does not display. The unit is getting power. What are my options.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Ernest,

      If you want to send it in, I can take a look. Just follow the basic repair information for an RainDial on my website, it has all the info. Be sure to send the timer and the back terminal board too. If you have a volt meter that you can check the 24VAC, that would be good to do.

      Let me know what you decide to do,

  12. I have a Irritrol RD900. Everything will be watering as set, zone 1 starts at 11pm. Next day it starts at 11am. When this first happened, I checked the current time and it was saying it was 11pm when it was currently in the am. I reset the current time to the correct time. Sprinklers ran correctly in the pm for one day and the next day its running again in the am. This time when i checked the current time and start times, everything is correct. Why would they be coming on at a different time?

    • Hi Rachel,

      That’s strange behavior. I’d try resetting it and reprogramming. The default RD600-1200 program after reset if M-Su, 7am, every station, starting at 7am. Be sure to “unprogram” what you don’t want.


  13. RD-600 INT, Current Time alternates between the time and “0F3” message. Any idea what this means. It also does it when you are trying to reset the time. I’m not sure if this is an indication of a problem.

    • Hi Jay,
      Look on the DIY troubleshooting page for the entry that says something with “OFn” in it. It’ll answer your questions.

  14. Hello
    I have a rain dial plus 9 there is no model number at the bottom left Just a ( at the top right it is black in color. i have 2 problems 1st is it won’t go on odd days it goes off on all days i tried reprgramming it to no avail 2nd is it will go on again after it goes through all of its valve run cycles and then I have to go and manually turn it off. Is there a way to reset it to kind of a ctrl/alt/del. so that way there the old programs are completley wiped out.
    James N Haded

    • You can try removing the battery and power for 10minutes and see if that helps.
      If not, look on the manuals page for the “plus” model and follow the instructions on page 16.

      Let me know if that helps,
      Brian – aka the RainDial RD600 Repair doctor.

    • you can take a picture of our valve to a local landscape supply store (probably not home depot or a ‘big box’) and ask them for a replacement solenoid. then google it. It sits on top of the valve and has two wires going to it. They usually unscrew.

      I hope that helps,

  15. I have a 12 station Rain Dial and we had a bad storm lightening hit blew up transformer causing the board to sort out on the back . When this happened station #1 Came on and we couldn’t get the water to turn off even with unplugging everything. We turn water off to sprinkler system at the box. If the board shorted out would I have to get the moduel too or just the board and would my water turn off after that issue is addressed?

    • Hi Raul,
      Sorry for the delay. If the valve stays on when you unplug the ribbon cable from the back terminal board, or turn off power to the controller, it means it’s a valve problem. If the valve goes off when you unplug it, it could be a timer problem.

      Let me know,
      Brian – aka teh rd600 rain dial doctor

  16. My rain dial has been working and I have had no trouble programming it in the past however, recently i noticed my rain dial has been running two zones at once… i have never seen this before? how do I stop it? For example I have 7 zones if i program a semi auto (a) to water zone 1-7 for 15 mins each randomly if will try to run zones 3 and 5 together or 5 and 6 together resulting in extremely low pressure…

    • Hi Zack,

      That’s an interesting problem. Do you have a “pump” or master valve in your system? If you do, it’s possible that #5 valve is just failed and comes on whenever the pump is on. Let me know if you do or not, and for sure post back what you found solves the problem if you figure it out.

      thanks ,

  17. My Irritrol 12 station Rain Dial is working great. Do I have the luxery of programming stations (valves) out of sequence? I would like to program station 11 first—then 3, 7, 1, 9, etc, or do they have to go on in sequence? If I use different start times, all stations programmed in A have to run through before that 2nd time comes on…is that correct?

    • Hi Constance,
      No, you can’t change the order, but you can change the wiring. Move the terminal board wire that is on 11 to 1 instead, that will make it come on first.

      The ‘start time’ indicates when the timer starts the sequence of watering so you should never set the 2nd start time to begin before the entire sequence has finished. So the answer to your question is: yes, that’s correct.

      Brian – aka the rd600 irritrol RainDialDoctor

  18. When I set programs for A,B and C on an RD1200 unit, do I keep it on C so that all 3 will operate at their set up dates and times? If i keep it on A will only A program operate?

    Thank you

    • Hi Marco,

      I’d suggest reading the first part of my programming tips page – it’ll answer your question and many others. A,B and C area always active if you’ve programmed them. It doesn’t matter what that ABC switch setting is currently set to.

      Does that help? Post back and let me know,
      Brian – teh RD-600 series raindialdoctor

  19. I had a driveway put in & now sprinklers dont work. They work manually & I see the timer counting down, but nothing. How can I check the wiring ?

    • You can turn on a valve at the timer and measure voltage 24VAC on the VCom screw and the valve screw terminals. If you see it there, you should see it at the valve box.

      It’s likely they broke the wires while digging – you’ll probably have to do some work digging to figure it out. I’d start along the edge of the driveway that seems to be the shortest path they would have run wiring through and go from there. If you get voltage measured at one end and not the other, it might be easier to just add a new wire bundle and bury it… but I don’t know your exact situation.

      Please post back and let me know what you decide to do and what you find out,

  20. I followed instructions to reprogram back to factory settings. However when I reconnected the ribbon plug it says 12pm instead of 12am. I have tried several times following the instructions but it will not say 12am.
    Is there anything more I can do to fix this??

    • you should be able to change the RD600 time by putting the bottom center switch into the middle position ‘set programs’
      Question: does it go from 11.59pm to 12:00pm as you’re hitting the ‘+’ button?

      Let me know,

  21. Hello,

    I’ve been using the RD600-EXT-R for about 2-3 years now without issue. I have it set to water on EVEN days and it was working fine. Now it waters everyday and will not allow me to set it to ODD, etc. The only choices I have are OFF and EVN. I tried unplugging the unit (for about 5 minutes) and removing the battery, which didn’t change anything.

    Is this thing dead? Does it need to be replaced?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Dave,

      It’s certainly not Dead… Look on the diy page for the reset instructions for “newer” units and follow those steps to reset it.
      If that doesn’t work (it should) let me know.

  22. My Raindial works fine., timers the only thing is it beeps twice every few minutes. What is that beep?? I don’t have a backup battery.

    • I don’t believe the RD 600 beeps, the only thing it can do is turn on valves. That’s strange. Could it be the valves that are buzzing? Give me some more information on the beeping and I’ll try to help.

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