What to do if the display is blank

If the Irritrol RD600/900/1200 irrigation timer display is blank, do the following simple 9V battery test first, then follow the links based on the results. Note that if you recently replaced the 9V and think it’s good, it’s probably dead … Continue reading

Check for Electrical Input Problems

It’s important to note that if the battery is good the display and timer will appear to function, but the valves will not activate because the 24VAC power is not getting to the controller. Simple battery/power check: Remove the battery, … Continue reading

DIY Troubleshooting

For over 10 years we’ve been helping people solve their sprinkler timer issues.    Scroll down to see the many DIY troubleshooting topics below Go through DIY list below. Contact us about repair/replacement options or Post questions if you have … Continue reading

Testing the Rain Dial Transformer

TESTING THE IRRITROL RAIN DIAL RD600, RD900, and RD1200 Series SPRINKLER TIMER TRANSFORMER Note first that Rain Dial Transformer failures are fairly uncommon, but do happen.  If your display shows nothing at all, the transformer could have failed — you … Continue reading