Check for Electrical Input Problems

It’s important to note that if the battery is good the display and timer will appear to function, but the valves will not activate because the 24VAC power is not getting to the controller.

Simple battery/power check:  Remove the battery, if the display remains active, the timer is getting power from the transformer and house power so check the wiring and valves for problems.  If the display goes blank check the following:

    • The circuit breaker may be tripped.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s tripped or not so flipping it to off and back on usually does the trick. Here’s an example of a tripped Breaker:

    • The GFCI associated with the outlet you’re plugged into is not tripped. note that sometimes the test/reset button on one outlet can protect multiple outlets.  If you are plugged into an outlet that doesn’t have a GFCI plug and test/reset buttons, double check for other GFCI outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and garage.  Or simply plug in a lamp or charger into the outlet to determine if it’s working. Here’s a sample GFCI Outlet:

    • The battery may be good but the fuse is blown.  Here’s a link about checking the fuse.
    • In some cases performing a factory reset can help. See the DIY page for more information.