Sprinklers Do Not Come On When They Should

This is the primary troubleshooting page for the Irritrol RainDial RD-600, RD 900, RD1200 Irrigation timer when valves don’t come on.

If the water is not coming on when it should, the problem typically resides these areas:

  • Faulty timer
  • Water availability
  • Power Input Problems
  • Valve/Solenoid Problems

To determine what is causing the problem, follow these steps:

First thing: Remove the battery and see if the timer still displays something.  (You’ll likely lose your programming so write it down first).  Seeing something on the display tells us that the AC, power, breakers, fuses and transformer are working. If you do not see anything on the display, performed checks C, D, F, and G first; they are indicated by(display is blank with no battery) in the title.

A. Do some basic checks by using the timer to manually turn on a valve:

This is a key step in determining if the timer needs to be repaired: Follow the steps to manually turn on a station using this link to manually turn on a stationSee here to understand if the timer is indicating the valve is on.

If the timer does not indicate it turned on a valve or flashes off, send it in for repair.

If the Irritrol controller does indicate it turned on the valve, but the valve does not turn on, there are several possible reasons.  Try turning on a different valve.   If the problem only happens with one valve and not the others, try swapping the terminal wires between the non-working valve and the working valve.

  • If the suspected ‘bad’ valve works when moved to a different screw terminal, it’s a timer/backboard problem that we can repair.
  • If the suspected bad valve is still bad when on a different terminal location, then you have a bad valve or solenoid (Look at section E below for help).

If you have a -R model, it’s often a timer/backboard problem that can be repaired.  Check some of the following first, then send it in for repair.

If the timer works with the manual function but not with a schedule, perform a factory reset and check the programming.

B. Check: Did someone turn the water off :-)

C. Check: Electrical Input Issues:(display is blank with no battery)

D. Check: The Transformer: (display is blank with no battery)

E. Check wires and solenoid:

F. Perform a factory reset:(display is blank with no battery)

  • In some cases performing a factory reset can help. See the DIY page for more information.

G. Send it in for repair:

  • Otherwise, the controller/system has simply failed and should be sent in for repair.

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69 thoughts on “Sprinklers Do Not Come On When They Should

    • Hi Jan,

      They sell them at places like Ewing and Sprinkler World. If you’d like a refurbished one, let me know.

  1. Manual operation the sprinklers come on . When programming automatic operation the sprinklers do not come on.

    • Hi Robert,

      It sounds like there may be a programming error. I would recommend resetting the controller to factory defaults and then re-programming it. Click the DIY Troubleshooting tab and then scroll down to item AF for instructions on how to complete a reset.

      Let us know if it still isn’t working after that. Thank you,

      Meghan – RainDial Doctor in Training

  2. When I attempt to turn on the sprinklers by program or by the middle switch to run then the start switch on the left, the sprinklers do not turn on. I have replaced the diaphragms and the solenoids. Not sure what to do, I have a RD – 900 -R

    • Hi David,

      Things to check:
      1) if you remove the battery, does the display still show something?
      2) when you turn on a station, do you see the little station number appear in the top row?

      Let me know and we can troubleshoot further.

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