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  1. RD-900 Timer with rain sensor
    I went out to manually run the irrigation system- first time ever. I tried to manually start a timer: nothing. Tried to run the system on semi-auto: nothing. Tried to spoof the system by resetting the time, and running on auto: nothing.

    We’ve had some rain recently, although today is clear and sunny. Is there a way to test the rain sensor? Does the rain sensor prevent manual operation of valves?

    Dave O

    • Hi Dave,

      yes, look for an active/bypass switch on the top of the back terminal board. Set it to bypass to disable the rain sensor.
      If you don’t have one, you can put a jumper wire between the two Sen terminals to bypass it.

      Let me know how it goes,

  2. When I try to run a manual setting, I have the switch on run/manual, set the time, then depress manual button. The display goes to off, nothing happens.The 4 area settings were supposed to go off this morning and did not which is why I am trying manual settings.

    • Hi Susan,
      That’s a pretty typical behavior of a failed timer; I’ll email you repair information.


  3. One zone -6 – will not run per th3 scheduled program nor in manual mode.

    Number 6 shows on the screen in the top middle!

    How do I troubleshoot

    • Hi Teri,

      I would suggest moving the wire on number 6 to a different one, like 5, and see if 5 then is able to turn it on. If so, then it’s likely a timer issue that I can repair. If you find that 5 is not able to turn on the station either, then it’s likely a solenoid/valve or maybe wiring problem, not a timer issue.

      Does that help?
      Let me know what you find out,

  4. Hi, I have an Irritrol RD 900 that controls Rain Bird PEB 100 series valves which are rated to take up to 200 PSI. My water pressure coming into my system is at 140 PSI. I have two valves boxes with each having three PEB 100 valves. My problem is that in each valve box there is one solenoid valve that will not close all the way. I have replaced the valves and they still do not fully close. Is it an electrical or water pressure problem?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Hi Henry. I’m not familiar with those high pressure valves so all I can do is make some educated guesses; here’s all I can think of:
      1) Make sure the solenoids are tightened down fully; otherwise they’re more likely to turn on inappropriately.
      2) you can try swapping solenoids to see if the problem follows the solenoid, and then replace it.
      3) If the timer is not showing the valve number in the top row of the display, it shouldn’t be turning on the valve and is not likely a timer or electrical issue
      4) Check and make sure the timer is off and you can also slide the switch to off and see if that turns the valve off. If it does, it is more likely a timer issue, if not, then it’s a valve/pressure issue.

      Let me know what you find out, I’m interested to hear so I can share the information with others…
      p.s., if it helps, please consider leaving us a donation.

  5. Hi. I have an Irritrol RD-600-R and my sprinklers work fine program or manual but in the afternoon when the drips are due to come on, no watering happens, even on manual. The box looks like the water is coming, but nothing comes out of the drips. This morning we could turn the drips on and they worked fine, but this afternoon and yesterday afternoon no water. It’s really hot here in Arizona and I’m wondering if the heat is affecting the controller or if it’s something else. My yard guy always comes in the morning and he can’t find anything wrong. My unit is kind of old. Is it my box or something else? Thanks!

    • Hi Sharon,

      That sounds like a problem I’ve repaired before; I’d suggest sending it in or dropping it by for repair. Be sure to include both the timer and terminal board. I’ll send you a separate email as well.

  6. After I set the time and check that everything is set properly, I put it in “run” mode. The next day the “time” is flashing an incorrect time so the system does not come on consistently as programmed. Thank you.

    • Hi Judith, That’s a pretty common symptom for a failing timer/backboard. I’ll send repair info to you. It can also be caused by a power outage, and rarely a bad valve solenoid, but it’s mostly likely a timer issue. If you don’t get the email shortly, post back and let me know.

  7. I have a question about using multiple schedules. Does the controller cycle thru schedule A, B and C in sequence? Its confusing because you can only place the dial on only one of them.I will be installing a new lawn that requires twice a day watering. So under schedule A, i will be setting the lawn station to run twice a day for everyday of the week. In schedule B, i will have the rest of my drip zones (8 altogether) water just three times a week. Schedule C will be off. So will the system start with program A and progress to program B and then repeat itself based on the day of the week? The manual is not clear about this setting.

    • Hi James, I think it’ll be clear if you look at the DIY Troubleshooting page for the programming information. ABC run independent of each other all the time. That’s why it’s important that your schedules do not overlap at all. The switch position just tells the timer what schedule is being programmed, it does not affect what schedule is ‘run’.

      Read that page I mentioned for a full explanation, I think it’ll help a lot. If it does, consider leaving us a donation, we’d greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Deb,
      Short usually means that your solenoid on top of the valve has failed short. You can typically replace those easily, take a look at my do it yourself troubleshooting pages for more information. It’s usually not a problem with the timer itself. And only a bad solenoid or maybe crossed wire somewhere.

      Let me know if that helps.

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