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2) the model number shown on the face of the controller (usually below and to the left of the dial, e.g., RD-600 or RD-600-R).
3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

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  1. I have noticed my irrigation system has not turned on the days it is scheduled to. I have ran it manually to get it to work. It will not come on according to what thetimeis set for. .

    • Hi Todd,

      That is usually a programming issue. You might double-check the scheduled programming. It can also be caused by a timer issue I can repair, or lastly, that the timer just needs to be reset. I’d suggest following the reset instructions on the DIY Troubleshooting page. If that doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll get it figured out.


    • Back zone comes on the set time now. No front zone. Cannot even run it on manuel. Switched the zones around . Back zone worked but front did not. Should I turn the power off and reset it? Thank you for the help.

      • Hi Todd,

        Assuming I understood your description, here is some information that may help.

        If your front zone does not work even when you put it on the screw terminal of a known-working zone, then it’s likely something bad with that particular zone, like a bad solenoid, valve or wiring… The timer is likely applying voltage to the screw terminal you connected it to when you swapped it.

        Take a look at the DIY Troubleshooting section for some more things to check. You should focus on testing the solenoids, and you can also read through the section on testing the transformer where you bypass the timer (another example of how you can hot-wire the solenoid to check it).

        Finally, if nothing else seems to work, follow the factory reset instructions and see if that gets it working.

  2. Rain dial 600.

    Flashes went trying to open valves manually. Not working. At first only one valve did not work. Replaced battery now no valves work. Had driveway replaced. Wires underneath in pvc pipe. Hoping they did not get damaged. Should i try acreset or send the unitbto you?

    • Hi Mike,

      I can help, but need to know a little more information.
      1) Does the display show anything at all, or is it blank.
      2) Do you have an RD600 or RD600-R?
      3) do you have access to a volt meter ?
      4) You might look at the DIY troubleshooting section for how to test the transformer and try to determine if it’s working or not.

      Let me know and I can help more,

  3. Hi RIck,
    My 600 has failed, only using 3 stations. I have a working 1200. Can I use the 1200 main unit only, I don’t have the board.

    • Hi Rick,

      Yes, you can put a 1200 timer in place of a 600 timer; it’ll just have more capability. If one is a -R model (more blue) and the other is not (more gray), then the connectors are different and you’d need an adaptor (let me know if you need one.)

      It’s possible the back terminal board is giving you trouble instead of the timer. If replacing the timer doesn’t help, just send them in for repair and we’ll get them all working like new again.

      I hope that helps. If it does, consider leaving us a little donation, we’d appreciate it.

  4. I have a RD-600-EXT-R (blue) with a display that is flashing OF2 and the current time. I tried both of the suggested methods to shut off the rain bypass feature and neither of them has worked. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

    • Hi Jon,

      I’d try a reset; see the troubleshooting page for instructions. If it works, please send us a donation, if it doesn’t, let me know and we’ll figure out the next step.

      Regards, Brian

  5. My 1200-ext Controller is not working. Blinking. Won’t initiate stations to run.

    So I swapped the box with another controller I have from another box and it is working great. (So, the board appears to be fine.) So I need this one fixed.

    How much will it cost to get the controller fixed only?


    • Hi Mary,

      I’m happy to help.
      Everything you need to know can be found by clicking the menu “how to get it repaired”
      I’ll also send you an email directly.


  6. I have a Rain Dial dated 6/29/2016. It is an RD 600R – EXT- R. The color is blue. It has 3 pumps. My problem is …..if I turn ALL functions off and set up using ONLY one pump, all 3 come on. Can’t figure why. Tried many combinations. Last resort unplugged ribbon/removed battery waited 15 minutes. Reconnected. Still same problem. Any suggestions ? $5.00 for assistance is ok.

    • Hi Ken,

      Can you explain what you mean by ‘3 pumps’. Are you using the pump to describe a station? I think that is what you mean.
      It seems likely that you have something miswired. I’d look at this page and see if it matches what you have on your setup. If you have the same thing, email me a picture of your back terminal board wiring and I’ll take a look. (

      Here’s the wiring link:
      Thanks fo offering to make a donation, you’re one of the good guys 🙂


      • I have 3 station run time settings (actually 6 but only need 3).
        As far as I know the system has always run ok. This seems like a new problem. Photos on site are not my controller. Mine is an RD600 EXT. Tomorrow I will photo the wiring and send to you.

  7. Hello-
    Irritrol 600-R
    DATE CODE .. 6/26/09

    Problem is the AC power (shown by Blinking colon in time) is not consistent. It will go to back up 9 volt battery to keep time (NO BLINKING COLON ) but will not run valves. Transformer checks out OK at 27. Circuit breaker check OK also inside GFR test OK. If I go to box and push or juggle the white
    Common wire (thick/large wire) which also has the slimmer white wire wound around it then inserted behind screw the AC power will come back. When AC power is present valves run no problem. It might hold for a while but then the same problem reappears. I can send you a photo of the wiring if needed. Any suggestions if there is anything more I can do or does this require sending in unit?

    • Hi Margaret,

      That’s a very common problem I can help with. I’ll send repair infor to your email address…
      thanks for posting,

  8. Hello-
    Date code 7-13-12
    Irritrol RD-600-R

    I have four zones set up – one drip and three sprinklers.
    For about a year now, when the timer is set to turn on in the AM, I get water hammering and I can hear a rhythmic ticking in the solenoids (at which ever valve is turning on. This only happens in the morning, not any time after 12:00PM.
    So I am wondering if it can be a signaling problem for the AM.
    I have replaced the tan board in the back of the box one year ago.
    I had the pressure regulator to the house replaced one year ago.
    I removed the front panel and had Ewing Irrigation test it one year ago- they said they they did not find any problem with it.
    I replaced the top halve of all the valves – irritrol 205’s.
    August 1st I had a guy check the system with several different meters – and he found no issues.
    So on August 2nd, he replaced the back flow preventer, since it is the only part of the system that was not replaced.
    Still having the same hammering and ticking problem on the morning settings.
    I can operate the valves manually and they work just fine even in the morning.

    This is why I am wondering if it can be a signaling issue only in the AM settings?

    I really appreciate any insight, help and direction.

    • Hi Brian,

      I wish we had talked sooner; it would have saved you a lot of time and effort. That’s a problem with the timer that I repair often. I’ll send you a separate email with all the repair details. thanks for posting.

    • Hi Mike,

      If you haven’t seen it already, I’d suggest looking at the DIY Troubleshooting page for the item that describes OFn. Let me know if that helps. Also try the reset instructions. If that doesn’t work, let me know and we’ll figure out what to do next.


  9. I have a RD-600-R about a year old. One valve with one program (every other day). It recently lost power (blank screen) so I reset the breaker which did not appear to be tripped. Got blinking 12:00 so reset the program and it turns on fine but now does not shut off at the end of the program. I can turn it off with the switch so the valve seems to be fine. Same behavior with the semi-auto button. Turns on but I have to use the switch to turn it off.

    • Hi David,

      That’s strange behavior. When it’s ‘on’ (when it should not be) do you see the timer indicate that it’s on by showing a station number in the top row of the display

      Let me know and we’ll troubleshoot further.

      • Brian,
        Yes it shows station 1 solid, not blinking. I thought I remembered it used to blink 1 when it was working properly but I may be mistaken. I guess I should try the full reset?

        • Hi David,

          Yes, try a reset; let me know if that helps.
          I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ‘1’ blink before.


          • Brian,
            Sorry for the delay. After the full reset, the controller started to continuously cycle the solenoid causing the water to spurt off and on. Apparently there was some kind of electrical short in the controller and it was replaced.

  10. I have an Irritrol RD-600-EXT-R that has a circuit board (102-7995 Rev A) with a date of 6/20/2011. I am having the typical ‘terminal board’ issues so I know I need to replace. After doing some research, it looks like there were (3) different series of boards made for this model. 1st Serieds – 1991-1999, 2nd Series 2000 – 2008 and then 3rd Seriesrom 2009 +, but the unit itself never changed. My questions are:
    1. Are the boards swappable? (Can I swap my board out for one from 1999?) – my board has a fuse and some capacitors on the front
    2. Where there improvements made to the board between the series? Or are they all essentially the same?

    • Hi Rob,

      Yes, there were several versions of the board made. They did make some improvements over time; the more recent versions are better. Watch out for the differences in the connector pin count; the newer ones have more pins than the older ones and are not compatible. As long as the connect has the same number of pins, it should be compatible.

      I have connector boards as well; just drop me an email using the contact-us link above.

      Thanks for posting,

  11. I have a 12 station Rain Dial R Irrigation System Controller. (Blue).

    I have been using it for several years. However, recently the timer has begun to malfunction.

    I have all but one of the stations set for 10 minutes on Cycle A, running 3 times per week. These work fine.

    I have one cycle which I need to run for an hour each day. This is new do to my using a new type of porous soaker. I set this on Cycle B and set it for 59 minutes. I will check it when it is supposed to have been turned off (usually after an hour or so), and it is still running. When I check the timer, it shows there is still 45 minutes or so left to run. This seems to have started when I changed to the porous soaker.

    This occurs when I do a manual run as well as when I have it run automatically.

    How can I fix this?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Rick,

      I’d suggest doing a full reset following the instructions from the DIY Troubleshooting page. If that doesn’t work, let me know the model number you have and we’ll get it figured out. If it does work, please leave us a donation; we’d really appreciate it.


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