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3) Color (mostly Gray or Blue) based on the example rainDials shown at the top of the page.

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  1. Hi there,

    After a power outage caused by a malfunctioning clothes dryer my Raindial RD-900 has defaulted to the 7am/10 minute cycle of all stations 🙁

    I’ve re-programmed to the standard times of two days commencing at 6:30am however when switched to “on”, the 7am everyday cycle starts not just on the assigned days but every day.

    I understand that all settings need to be reprogrammed and I’m fairly sure I’ve done this however maybe there is one I’m missing so was hoping to get an understanding of what “all” programs means. Assuming every setting needs to be touched or adjusted?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Rob, I thought I had responded, but maybe not.

      I agree that the timer seems to be stuck in the default settings. I would try doing the factory reset if you haven’t done so already. If that doesn’t work, I suspect that the timer is not detecting the program setting properly. The good news is that I can repair it. Everything you need to know is on the page about how to get it repaired, or you can use the contact form.

      Brian – aka the Irritrol RD600 RD900 RD1200 Repair ‘doctor’

      • Thanks Brian, I’ve been having issues with my browsers and internet connection so apologies if it posted a few times. Unfortunately I’m in Australia so repairs may be a bit cost prohibitive given postage etc.
        Thanks again for the response.

  2. My RD600-EXT-R has a clocking problem. The time displayed is the correct time; however the cycle begins four hours after the programmed start time. This offset seems to have started when I had my landscaper add a new program. Originally I only had watering programs on the A and B circuits, and the equipment functioned properly. When the circuit C was added and the program was entered, it seems to have disrupted the clock. Every program starts four hours late now. Can you help?

    • Hi Mark,

      I would recommend following the reset procedures (for the blue -R model) shown on my diy troubleshooting page to clear out the programming. Then program one schedule at a time and test each time. That should get it going again, if not, let me know.


  3. Hi I have a Rain Dial Irritrol that is about 10 years old or more (purchased by previous homeowner). It seems to work fine when on timer but when I try to run manually by opening the control unit, the display goes blank. I can see it go from having a display to not having a display. When the display goes blank it also stops watering (if I had been lucky enough to get the manual watering started before the screen goes blank). Due to the behavior and the connection with the door being opened or closed, I suspect the fuse is at fault since the fuse is right behind the door. Any other ideas?

    • Hi Elissa, You’ve done a good job trying to narrow it down. That symptom is very common so I don’t believe it’s Fuse related. I’d suggest sending in the timer and the back terminal board for repair. I’m not too busy right now so I can have it in the mail the day after I receive it.
      See the ‘how to get it repaired’ tab along with the removal instructions and videos that show you how to easily remove them.

      If you have other questions about the RD600 series timers, just let me know.
      Brian – aka the Irritrol RainDial Doctor

  4. We have RD-900. Out of 9 stations 5 are being used for sprinklers and others for watering the plants. Two sprinkler stations stopped working, but when connected to other stations, they come on. Does it mean that the board needs to be fixed or is there any other DIY troubleshooting you would recommend?

    • Hi Dalal,

      Thanks for posting.

      If you move the station wires to a different screw terminal on the back board and that station now works, it does sound like the board needs to be fixed. It probably means that the other stations that are currently working may also fail soon.

      It’s a standard repair for us to do, and we will also replace other parts in the timer that typically need repairing so please send both the board and the dial/timer, but not the transformer/case… This way you’ll get both parts back and know you won’t have any problems.

      The two videos on my removal instructions page will show you how to easily remove them.

      If you have other questions, just let me know.
      Brian – aka the RD600-ext series repair doc.

    • Hi Bob,

      Thanks for contacting me with the contact-us site. You definitely had done a good job of going through the troubleshooting etc… I’m glad we got it figured out.

      Here’a link to the information that helped us figure it out, so others will be able to.

      Brian – aka the RD-600 series RainDialDoctor for Irritrol irrigation timers

  5. RD-900 blue model. I’m getting an FUS error for station 6. Some of the stations will manually turn on but 6 will not. When I try to manually turn on I see “M30” for a second then it just goes to “OFF” after. Any ideas?

    • Hi Trevor,

      M30 is probably because you set the timer to manually water for 30minutes. I have a good writeup on the FUS error on the DIY page. Take a look, let me know if that doesn’t answer your questions.

      Brian – RD600 RainDial Doctor for Irritrol timers.

    • Hi Laura,

      The answer to your question can be found on my DIY Troubleshooting web page. Look there for line item #2, or the one that says FUS in the title.

      Thanks for posting,

  6. RD 600 The control knob disintegrated, using a screwdriver to change stations. Can this control knob and connector be replaced or is a new unit in order ?

    • Hi Peter,

      I’ve put the answer to your question in this link. If you have any other questions, just post them back here.

      Brian – aka the Irritrol Rain Dial RD-600 repair doc.

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